Son of a Bitch
By: Beau Burke
Style: American Barleywine
OG: 1.08
FG: 1.021
Recipe Type: Extract
Son of a Bitch is my attempt to get close to Arrogant Bastard, an ale most beer geeks speak of with reverence. It's a huge beer; big on sweet malt, big on bitter, and big on citrusy hop flavor. To know it is to love it.

Obviously, such a great drink is prime material for emulation. This is mine, kludged together from various attempts gleaned from the internet. I can't say it tastes exactly like its inspiration, but it's close and it's damn fine. There's a raisiny, fruity sweetness accompanied by intense IBUs from the Chinook hops.

It's a great beer. In a year, after some age and some cold conditioning, I bet they'll be fantastic.