Roast Beast
By: Beau Burke
Style: Irish Red Ale
OG: 1.05
FG: 1.013
Recipe Type: Extract
"Irish Red Ale" is as close as I can get to classifying Roast Beast. I have a feeling if I entered it in a BJCP event however, I probably wouldn't get many points. It's a weird beer based on crazy experimentation.

Roast Beast is surprisingly fruity, thanks to warm fermentation with Safale-04. Under that though is the strange, back-of-the-tongue bitterness I associate with red ales. It's rich, with a smooth mouthfeel, and has a pleasingly dark red color. While I can't say it works completely, it was fun coming up with the recipe. Even better, it continues to improve with age. I probably won't make it again, but I won't ever consider it a failure.