Amarillus Rex
By: Beau Burke
Style: American IPA
OG: 1.06
FG: 1.012
Recipe Type: Extract
Amarillus Rex is step two in my quest to develop my house beer; the one that will always be available. First step was Hard Point Pale, which just wasn't robust enough for my hop addiction. So this steps up the bitterness a lot and steps up the hop flavor and aroma a whole lot. While it works well enough, I don't think I'm done.

Bitterness is a little too high and the cirtus punch is just a little too over the stop for this starting gravity. Since I'm aiming for an everyday drinking beer, next batch I'm going to scale back hopwise instead of scaling up maltwise.

Not that it's a total failure. I'm really loving the flavor mix I hit here. I'm also starting to lighten my color (late extract addition FTW). It's just a little too much hops (I can't beleive I'm saying this) to be a classic.