Paul Bunyan
By: Beau Burke
Style: American Amber Ale
OG: 1.06
FG: 1.014
Recipe Type: Mini-Mash
I wasn't really a big fan of American Amber/Northwest Red up until recently, almost always preferring a standard IPA. I don't know what's changed, but I've been seeking out the big, chewy, hoppy stuff lately.

Paul Bunyan is my first shot at the style. It's almost identical to Hopeless, only without so much coloring malt and with a lot more hops. Frankly, it's delicious. The first batch I lost about 5 pints in the fermenter, due to a slow siphon from dry-hopping. Rather than toss out the amber, hoppy liquid, I poured it through a strainer and drank it uncarbonated and yeasty that same night. It's definitely a keeper.