Frederick's Summer Memories
By: Beau Burke
Style: Specialty Beer
OG: 1.058
FG: 1.015
Recipe Type: Extract
This is the first beer I got right. It's named after a book I read my sons about a mouse too busy to help his family stock up for winter. While they toil gathering fruits, grain, and grasses, Frederick sits, listens, and thinks. Naturally the mice are a little annoyed at Frederick's perceived lack of motivation. That is, until the long winter nights are unrolling, the food is scare, and hopes are dwindling. At that time, Frederick reveals his true talents as a poet, regaling the other mice with tales of summer, happiness, and plenty.

This beer was made towards the end of a difficult summer with fresh raspberries donated by my awesome neighbor across the street. Its purpose was to serve as a reminder of all things good and bright on those slow, cold Oregon winter days. Judging by the response it got from those who received it on Christmas, I think it served that purpose well.