I'm Going to Get Meta for a Moment

Blog homies and fellow beer writers on the ol' Internet,

Please, stop copying and pasting press releases on your websites. Please. Nothing bores me faster than plodding through the same quoted text over and over in my RSS reader.

I understand that some press releases get you excited. I know I certainly like to hear about what our storied brewing industry is up to. Don't just regurgitate the marketing, though. Give me your take on what's being presented. Put the announcement in context and tell me why it's got you fired up.

I come to your site to hear your unique voice; your own original perspective on the beer you're drinking and/or making. If I want verbatim marketing, I'll sign up for the press releases myself. I don't need to read what marketers think on your site. I want to read what you think!

Doing otherwise makes you come across as an industry sounding-board; a simple shill. I wouldn't have put you in my RSS feed if I didn't think you can do better. So, let's make a promise to each other: No more unaccompanied press releases. And no cheating with a "hey this beer looks good don't you think!?" header either! Make it interesting by making it yours.

Beau Burke
March 19, 2009, 10:07 pm
Drinking the Last of the Celebration

I can't say I'll be sorry to see this winter pass. With all the snow, cold, and flooding here at Klutzbrau HQ over the last three months, one might say I'm a little eager for some sun and lazy evenings. One might even have noticed me sitting at the computer late at night, staring at iCal, attempting to will those remaining winter days to fall away more quickly.

One thing I won't miss however, is the passing of Celebration time. Anyone that I've ever raised a pint with knows of my affection for this beer. I've argued long and often about how it's probably the number one hoppy beer in America. Sure, we've got hoppier beers. Sure, we've got stronger beers. Few have stood the test of time like Celebration has, though.

I think a lot of that has to do with its balance, which I think it pretty much impeccable. I'm not saying it's completely balanced, because we are talking about IPA here. But as far as the style goes, it hits the perfect ratio of hops to malt square in the middle. That makes it drinkable. It's strong, it's flavorful, and the third goes down just as well as the first.

And the smell. Few beers have a more appealing aroma. I've got my nose in a glass right now, probably the tenth time tonight I've put it there. If Pliny is a boisterous ode to hops, Celebration is a soft lullaby. Familiar, comforting, and serene. It invites the drinker to sit back, be at ease, and enjoy a simple pleasure.

I'm down two in my last six pack this season. I don't know how long
the remaining four will last me, but it's not looking good for those 12 ounce soldiers. I do plan on saving the last one for the first day of spring. I figure if I toast the approaching sun with one of the finest beverages mankind has ever produced, it'll be more inclined to push away these dreary days.

Here's hoping.

Beau Burke
March 2, 2009, 11:20 pm
Full Sail Slipknot

What is going on with this beer? I had one last night and enjoyed it, but was completely stupefied by the finish.

I guess you could all it extreme cattiness. I'll be damned if it didn't remind me a little of sweat socks, though. Just a thick, overwhelming, sweaty, resiny quality that I've never experienced before. I'll probably buy another and put it away for six months, to see if time will reveal any more surprises.

Beau Burke
February 21, 2009, 10:03 pm
If You Haven't Done So Already...

Please take a moment to read Jeff Alworth's great summary of Oregon's HB 2461, which would increase the state's beer tax to $49.61 a barrel. That's an increase of 1900%. It would make Oregon's beer tax the highest in the nation by a very wide margin.


This tax would undoubtedly kill much of Oregon's fine craft brewing industry. It's imperative that every person who appreciates Oregon's unique beer culture make public their dissatisfaction with this bill. Write your representatives. Talk to your friends and family. This bill can't pass.

Beau Burke
February 17, 2009, 9:18 pm
Happy New Year

Here's hoping yours is as delicious as mine. This will be my first bottle of Abyss (well, this year at least) and my first bottle of Raven Mad. I'm confident they will not disappoint. I know for sure the Bourbon County wont.


Beau Burke
December 31, 2008, 8:44 pm
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