Beer recipes starting to come in!

I've finally managed to upload recipes for every homebrew batch I've made thus far. Granted, the list is currently a little lean at six entries, but I'm new so you can bet anything it'll continue to grow.

I haven't put the two beers I've been working on lately in there, as they're not finished yet. I don't think I'd be doing either justice in their description without having a sip first.

Both are definitely something to get excited about, though. I'm on a big beer kick lately, so that's what's fermenting away. The first is a double IPA about to go into a keg. It's got 8 oz of four different hop varieties and was delicious on transfer. The second is an American strong ale, in the same vein as Arrogant Bastard. At 1.080, it'll probably wind up in bottles, to get pulled out when I don't have anywhere to drive for a while.

Beau Burke
September 17, 2007, 9:13 pm
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