Market of Choice is Going to Bankrupt Me

Market of Choice is a great store. I don't grocery shop there, because it would put me in the poor house, but they have an incredible selection of craft and imported beer. I can't go in the place and not come out without one or two unfamiliar bottles. Such was the case last Sunday evening on our family walk. We went in for milk, but came out with milk and these two guys.

On the left is Elysian Brewing's "The Immortal IPA." I'm the hop head in the family, so this was for me. I'd never had it before that night, so I was in for something new. I can't say I came away feeling particularly impressed, however. The hop aroma was subdued, the citrus flavor was out of balance, and there just wasn't the big, bitter bite I've come to expect from northwest IPAs. Don't get me wrong, it's definitely a drinkable beer. I absolutely do not regret spending $4 on it and would order it again, were I in an Elysian pub. No way would I choose it over a number of other IPAs, though.

On the right is twelve ounces of black gold. If you haven't had it yet, North Coast Brewing's "Old Rasputin" is probably one of the top Imperial Stouts available today. I'd had a couple bottles before Sunday, so this one was for my wife to enjoy. Full bodied, roasty, and perfectly balanced, it's a damned treasure. As expected, it did not disappoint.

Beau Burke
September 17, 2007, 9:13 pm
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