Pacific Coast Brewing in Oakland, CA

I had a chance to visit this place last week as part of some business travel and left with some great impressions. Dinner was good, albeit lacking in some vegetarian options. Most places in the PNW, you can get a Gardenburger and some fries, but they didn't have one. It was either cheese pizza or a stuffed portabella cap. I opted for the portabella and it didn't disappoint.

The beer selection, on the other hand, was fantastic. My only regret was not trying more of the house made wares. I had a Blue Whale Ale and it was fantastic. A huge amber with medium body, a sweet approach, and gigantic hop finish.

Following that was a La Chouffe Houblon. I'd never had one before, but had heard lots and lots about it. Don't let anyone fool you: even though it says "IPA" right on the label, it's not. Granted, it's got a pronounced, spicy hop punch, but it's Belgian through and through. Flavor lies more in the malt and yeast. Great beer, but not what I was expecting.

Last up was Moylan's Hopsickle. Unfortunately, it had to follow two very strong, very delicious beers, so I can't say it got the attention it deserved. If I get my hands on another pint, I'll be sure to start with it.

Beau Burke
September 17, 2007, 9:13 pm
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