Max's Fanno Creek Rules

I have to admit, I was a little trepidatious heading off to Max's for the first time. Through the blogvine and the brewcrew mailing list, I'd heard about their (very) rough opening. Bad beer, crap service, inappropriate prices; all these charges were levied against Tigard's newest beer destination.

I'm pleased to report that, if the kinks ever did exist, they've been ironed out beautifully. Myself and couple friends showed up on a beautiful summer afternoon looking for lunch and delicious fermented refreshment. We sat outside, drank out fine beers, and enjoyed attentive, knowledgeable service.

First up was the 100 schilling scotch ale, a style I'd never had the privilege of enjoying before. While I don't have anything to compare it to, I can say it was fantastic. Malty, low on bitterness, and surprisingly refreshing. Next cam Nit Wit, Max's incredibly effervescent white beer. It didn't have a strong corriander or citrus flavor, but it didn't really need it either. A little cloudy and very crisp, it was a great beer to enjoy in the rare Oregon heat.

Last was the IPA, which was surprisingly my least favorite. Usually I'm nuts for hops. I'm talking really, really bonkers. But this just didn't do it for me. Maybe I'm used to the big NW citrus hops, which didn't seem to make up the bulk of the hop character in it. Maybe it was an old keg. Whatever the case, it had an unusual earthy, piney flavor. It was definitely better than some beers I've had around town, but I'd try Max's other beers before ordering it again.

Food was pretty standard pub fare, so the kitchen doesn't get huge points for originality. Everything was fresh and well-made though, so I have no complaints. Well, I guess I could complain about the numerous blown kegs (no Farmer's Daughter or Imperial Stout), but I'm not going to. It seems petty to complain about what I didn't have when nearly everything I did have was well above average.

Plus, blown kegs give are a great reason to go back.

Beau Burke
September 17, 2007, 9:13 pm
By: Chris
Went back to Max's last night and they have Farmers Daughter back on tap. I've never had a saison before so I cant really say if it was a good one or not but I loved it. Will definitely order again.
September 30, 2007, 8:35 pm
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