Brewing This Weekend!

It's been a long hiatus and, while I sure do enjoy those hot Oregon summers, my homebrew stores are rapidly being depleted. Thankfully, temperatures are dropping and my basement is finally hitting sub-70F regularly. So, starting this weekend, brewing season is officially on.

My last few batches have been either huge or bizarre, which has really put me in the mood for a reasonably simple American pale ale. Chris has also been going nuts for rye lately, kindling my interest in it. So, I'm going to combine those two inspirations into a rye pale, similar to Hard Point Pale.

The only things I'm going to change are my bittering hops (moving to Summit) and the inclusion of 1lb of rye during the steep. Not sure if I'm going to buy whole or flaked yet, but I'm sure Steinbart will be able to supply me with one or the other. I'm also thinking of trying Irish Moss for the first time, but I'm not sold on the idea yet. I might also do all late extract addition too, to reduce the color. I'll see how I'm feeling this weekend. Part of the fun of brewing for me is in making it up as I go. Not the best philosophy for repeatability, but it certainly makes for surprises!

Beau Burke
September 28, 2007, 1:16 pm
By: Chris
I am nutty for rye I must admit.
I added in a jar of irish moss in my last order from morebeer. Theres no way I'll use it all in 30 years so youre more than welcome to the teaspoon required for your weekend brewings.
September 30, 2007, 8:35 pm
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