I Went and Got Totally Old

This last winter marked two important dates for my family.

  1. My father turned 60.
  2. My age is now exactly half his.

While it took a little while for us both to celebrate these occasions simultaneously, we finally did so this last weekend. Starting in Eugene at 10:00 AM, with my brother in tow, we embarked on day-long brewery tour of the oregon coast.

First stop was Rogue in Newport. Well, it was supposed to be the first stop. Evidently it was also the first stop for a few thousand people attending the Wine and Seafood festival in the Rogue parking lot. "Where the shit did they all come from?" we wondered as we cruised past. Ten minutes worth of parking spot hunting convinced us to give it up and head into town, where we ate lunch at Rogue Public House. In typical Rogue fashion, it was good but not great. Service was decent, food was decent, and the beer was decent. I had a 100 Meter IPA from the Eugene City Brewery and enjoyed it. Dad had an imperial porter and enjoyed it. About the only disappointment were the plastic cups everything came in. Understandable though, with the huge crowds running around town.

Next up was the Siletz Brewing Company in Siletz. I'd only had one of their beers before (a 22 of imperial porter that was a little off), so nearly everything about the place was unknown to me. It was between Newport and our last stop though, so what the hell right?

First off, this place is not cut from the same cloth as the typical portland pub. If they weren't pouring their own beer, I'd have no qualms calling it a dive. The stools are well used, the atmosphere is smokey, and there are bar games ready to chew up any supply of quarters. That said, I found that I really liked it. The staff was friendly and the place was instantly comfortable. On top of that, they make their own beer! I had the taster tray, which includes everything in their current lineup and was well served with labels and a glass of water. I wouldn't call anything world class, but I didn't regret drinking any of it. I think they do their best work with quaffable, balanced beers.

Our last destination was the jewel of the Oregon Coast, Pelican Brewing. I could gush superlatives about this place until the end of time. The food is great, the beer is world class, and the pub itself is one of the nicest places I've had the pleasure of visiting. The location, right on the beach, is even better. If you haven't been, make a point to go this year (seriously get on the phone right now and start planning). Everything they touch turns to gold. I wish I hadn't been driving, as I wanted to try all three seasonals they were pouring; a wee heavy, a grand cru, and Bad Santa. I had to settle for a pint of IPA though (if you can call that settling). Next time, you can bet I'm not going to be the DD.

Beau Burke
February 26, 2008, 3:38 pm
By: Chris
You didnt tell me you were going to Pelican! This is not fair and I WILL remember this. >:(
February 26, 2008, 8:16 pm
By: Beau
I wonder if they'd fill cornies? I should give them a call next time I go out and see if they're hook me up with some IPA for the road.
July 10, 2008, 11:02 pm
By: Chris
You didnt tell me you were going to Pelican! This is not fair and I WILL remember this. >:(
July 10, 2008, 11:02 pm
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