Jesus Christo is it Craft Beer Month Already?

Time sure flies when you're raising a couple of ankle-biters and taking care of a pregnant woman on bedrest. Thankfully the light at the end of the tunnel is nearing and blog updates should be a little more forthcoming.

So how about that beer list posted on for this year's Oregon Brewer's Festival? Lots and lots to love there. I'm particularly excited to see more breweries showcasing styles other than IPA and double IPA. While those are easily two of my personal favorites, after the fifteenth hop wallop it all starts to feel like a wall of noise. I'm particularly eager to try some of the more experimental stuff on that list, like the Roots and Goose Island brews.

I'd also like to get over to Concordia Ale House this weekend for the Concordia Cup, since I missed it last year. Ten double IPAs rated by thirsty patrons, with the winner representing Orygun in the next beer brawl. I imagine I'll be scraping hop residue off my tongue halfway through the samples, but this is important work and someone's got to do it.

Beau Burke
July 10, 2008, 11:15 pm
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