The Holiday Ale Festival Looks Epic This Year

Have you seen the beer list for the Holiday Ale Festival this year? If you haven't, stop reading right now, grab a bib, click that link, and prepare to salivate. Done yet?

Seriously. I mean, seriously. I'm trying to put together my "must have" list and I'm already up to 14 beers. Most of them are well into the 8% ABV range. I'm either going to have to whittle it down, be there all day, or get carried out on a stretcher.

Whatever the case, I have no doubt this uniquely Portland festival will remain my favorite beer event of the year. While I deeply enjoy the raucous celebrating of the OBF and the myriad special events that happen regularly in our fair metropolis, the Holiday Ale Festival has a special place in my heart. There's a certain degree of stoicism required to venture out into the cold and wet of an Oregon December. The fact that the festival is packed every year with smiling, friendly faces is proof of our dedication to supporting some of the best brewers on the face of the planet. There's a sense of community under that tent I suspect is equaled in few other places.

Chris, some friends, and I will be there tomorrow at one. If you see a foul mouthed guy in a red shirt and pea coat, laughing loudly at someone's crude jokes, be sure to say "hi." It'll probably be me.

Beau Burke
December 3, 2008, 9:42 am
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