Drinking the Last of the Celebration

I can't say I'll be sorry to see this winter pass. With all the snow, cold, and flooding here at Klutzbrau HQ over the last three months, one might say I'm a little eager for some sun and lazy evenings. One might even have noticed me sitting at the computer late at night, staring at iCal, attempting to will those remaining winter days to fall away more quickly.

One thing I won't miss however, is the passing of Celebration time. Anyone that I've ever raised a pint with knows of my affection for this beer. I've argued long and often about how it's probably the number one hoppy beer in America. Sure, we've got hoppier beers. Sure, we've got stronger beers. Few have stood the test of time like Celebration has, though.

I think a lot of that has to do with its balance, which I think it pretty much impeccable. I'm not saying it's completely balanced, because we are talking about IPA here. But as far as the style goes, it hits the perfect ratio of hops to malt square in the middle. That makes it drinkable. It's strong, it's flavorful, and the third goes down just as well as the first.

And the smell. Few beers have a more appealing aroma. I've got my nose in a glass right now, probably the tenth time tonight I've put it there. If Pliny is a boisterous ode to hops, Celebration is a soft lullaby. Familiar, comforting, and serene. It invites the drinker to sit back, be at ease, and enjoy a simple pleasure.

I'm down two in my last six pack this season. I don't know how long
the remaining four will last me, but it's not looking good for those 12 ounce soldiers. I do plan on saving the last one for the first day of spring. I figure if I toast the approaching sun with one of the finest beverages mankind has ever produced, it'll be more inclined to push away these dreary days.

Here's hoping.

Beau Burke
March 2, 2009, 11:20 pm
By: Beau
In my more lucid and rested state this morning (why do I always post so late?), I think I'd agree that it's not really a lullaby. I'd liken it more to a siren song; compelling and luxurious. I'll have to open another one tonight and confirm this new assessment.
June 24, 2009, 9:35 pm
By: Andy
Amen. Winter begins when Celebration shows up on the shelves. While I wouldn't go so far to call it a lullaby (I know many folks who can't deal with the hops), it really is a wonderful combination of everything that is good and decent with beer all in a single package. Last year, it was one of the only two beers I purchased from non-Oregon breweries. Ironically, the other was Blind Pig from Russian River.
June 24, 2009, 9:35 pm
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