The Forever Project
I got into homebrewing for a lot of different reasons. I'm a software engineer by trade, so tinkering comes naturally to me. I'm also a cheap son-of-a-you-know-what. So, the savings compared to store-bought beer is also attractive to me. First and foremost however, I love beer. I love it like a milkshake (RIP Wesley Willis). To that end, I'm constantly trying to improve the quality of my homebrew. When I started, I promised myself that with every batch, I'm make at least one small improvement to my brewing process. Hence, "The forever Project." This is a chronicle of those steps. - Beau Burke
Beer for People Who Don't Like Beer
Everyone knows someone who claims to simply not like beer. Yet, every time I hear it, I'm still incredulous. With all the varied, delicious options available to a beer afficionado, how can a person not find one beer they enjoy? The likely truth of the matter is those people who claim to "not like beer," simply don't like the only beer they've had exposure to: pale fizzy lager. This project is my attempt to form a list of three to four beers that are great for people who "don't like beer." - Beau Burke